UK Perfect Combination Of Snoopy And Rolex Datejust Fake Watches With Black Dials

The famous Bamford Watch Department cooperates with English Designer brand “The Rodnik Band” to put forward BWD x The Rodnik Band Snoopy fake watches with self-winding movements. The watches are in 36mm. The Snoopy in the black dial is energetic. The two hands are taken as the hour and minute hands. His best partner Woodstock is disguised as the second hands. It seems like surrounding Snoopy sometimes.

Philippe Colbert says he is happy to cooperate with BWD at this time. And George Bamford says Snoopy is his favorite comic role and he is happy to combine the senior watches with childlike animated characters. The Rolex Datejust copy watches for sale are suitable for those who are in pursuit of lovely and fashionable thing.

In addition to this special watch, they also put forward other customized Rolex replica watches with steel and golden cases only for yourselves. Do not you want one?

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