UK Deep Exploration On 3235 Movements of Fake Rolex Watches

Before we have talk about the advantages of 3235 movements. One is perfect accuracy. Second is the long power storage. The last one is easier usage. In conclusion, 3235 self-winding movements copy watches are more accurate, stable and longer. So today we bring you to deeply explore how accurate, stable, longer they are.

Accurate 3235 Movements
With 3235 movemenrs, Swiss fake watches could be more accurate.
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  1. More Accurate

The Swiss Observatory’s standard is -4 to +6 seconds per day, five position and three temperature test. And since 2015, Rolex improves the standard into a higher level. For the accuracy of Rolex, wearers must have known about it. It has been quite accurate. In order to arrive at higher principle, Rolex adapts high technology and patent.

  1. Longer

3135 movement can provide 48 hours, while 3235 movement can provide about 70 hours. That is it can walk for 3 days and even two days without wearing is OK which meet the requirements of most of people.

  1. More Stable

Comparing with basic 3135 movements, new movement changes a lot. Rolex also uses the latest self-designed shock absorber, which is very worth mentioning, because in the whole Swiss manufacturing industry, almost no one makes a shock absorber itself. That is real strength of Rolex brand.

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