Pure Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica Watch UK With Ice-Blue Dial

Referring to the ice-blue, many people will think of the cold winter. The fresh color of ice-blue perfectly represents the color of the winter, endowing people the fresh and clean aesthetics. Today I will not talk about the winter with you, instead, I will introduce a noble copy Rolex Daytona that adopts the ice blue on the dial, attracting lots of loyal fans.

Rolex’s passion for the brilliant color is no less than for the speed. The chestnut ceramic bezel fake Rolex has not only attracted many watch lovers but also many celebrities in different fields.

The ice-blue Daytona makes the wearers very charming and soft.
40 MM Rolex Daytona Imitation Watch

Michael Jordan

The fresh color-matching Daytona with high performance has attracted Michael Jordan too. In the NBA auditorium, he wore the knockoff watch with white gold case, drawing all the attention from the public.

The fresh and pure tone has attracted lots of watch lovers and pop stars.
White Gold Bracelet Copy Rolex Daytona

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, the famous comedian is also the loyal fan of this precious Daytona. The hip-hop style combines the noble style of the ice-blue Daytona, which immediately sets off a strong temperament.

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