Introducing Unique Rolex Submariner Replica Watch UK With Gradient Blue Dial

Two years ago, Christie’s auctioned a vintage Rolex Submariner fake watch in the thematic activities “Rolex Afternoon” . It could be considered as the most special Rolex antique watch in the past several decades.

The design of the bezel is quite different from the regular models of Submariner.
White Gold Bracelet Replica Rolex Submariner

It is estimated that Rolex only manufactured three watches with such design in the middle of 1970s and I think the watch fans of Submariner will soon recognize the difference between the regular models. Rolex copy watch with white gold case is quite different for Rolex only provided steel version or gold version for ref.1680.

The case has been decorated with guilloche pattern and it doesn’t cover the whole bezel. In addition, the wristwatch has also been presented with the “president bracelet” which has also been seen on the Day-Date models. Of course, it was auctioned with a extreme high price at last.

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